Lara Grace ~ Astrology Consultations

Lara Grace, ISAR C.A.P, is a professional consulting astrologer

I am passionate about finding the patterns in the stars as they relate to your life, helping to provide a deeper and more spiritually meaningful understanding of your life path, reminding you of your essence and purpose. My studies have taken me far and wide, with teachers in Canada, the US, the UK and South Africa. I have worked with astrology in a practical way and also delved into philosophical and scholarly texts at times, including some graduate work investigating ideas of fate at the Sophia Centre for the study of Cosmology in Culture.

Holding a certification in astrological consulting from theĀ International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) in the USA, I am a pastĀ Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN) Steering Committee member and a current member of the Astrological Association in Britain.

Holographic Kinetics ~ Discovering the true cause of your emotional, physical and spiritual challenges
As an Alternative Mental Health practitioner, certified using the Holographic Kinetics method, I use this treatment method for clients in separate sessions, when it is called for. This powerful indigenous healing modality allows you to find the spiritual and emotional root cause of your issue, thereby radically improving or very often completely eradicating mystery or hard to cure ongoing mental health issues, stuck and limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns of self-sabotage, often of karmic origin. This involves a type of kinesiology, regression therapy and a set of indigenous techniques done in controlled conditions, to clear the dimension where the trauma took place. I am finding this to be a powerful remedial method for difficult chart karma.