Astrology Consultations

How do I align with the current cycles in my life?
What kinds of experiences are likely to be coming up and how best to approach this?
What is happening right now and when is this likely to end?
What do I need to learn from this?
What are some of my innate tendencies and how have these changed since youth?
How do I accept or break through this karmic pattern?

Observe due measure, for right timing is in all things the most important factor ~ Hesiod 800BC, Greek poet

~ The Beautiful Gifts that Astrology Endeavours to Bring ~
External validation for internal states of being.
Linking the patterns between events in your life, to find meaning and create awareness of different choices.
Awareness of self, becoming conscious of your life from a higher perspective.
Choosing a different future response based on this awareness, breaking patterns.
An understanding of your past, current and upcoming life phase.
Identifying times in your life as triggers for lifelong complexes, retracing the root cause to bring resolution.
Helping to make informed and empowered decisions, taking ownership of your narrative.
Bringing order and insight to what appears to be random chaos.
A new perspective on situations from the past, keeping in mind the present.
Inspiration & guidance with the awareness that larger forces are at work.
Identifying optimal times to meet someone special, for everything has its right time.
Finding the best moment to begin something according to your true intention and creating a timed and blessed event chart for that occasion.

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Freewill is a gift you’ll never know how to use, until you fight for it ~ George Nolfi

± BOOK A SESSION ± Skype sessions are charged at £70 and last approx. 1hour. I will send you the link to complete payment after you book in order to confirm.
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The real issue is the integration of our external and internal universes ~ AT Mann

The Beauty of Astrology

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Please Note

~ Disclaimer ~
~ I need your most accurate birth time possible (minutes matter!). Please ask a parent or check your birth records. Very often the time is written somewhere, even on a baby photo ~
~ All sessions are 100% confidential ~

~ Techniques ~

I use a combination of modern and traditional astrology, including transits, progressions, solar arc directions, profections, synastry, Venus Star Points and Sabian Symbols.

When we study physical systems in nature, we can readily see that there are fundamental patterns that can be found at all observable scales ~ Nassim Haramein